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Embroidery is a figment of your imagination.  From classical stitching to the "never been done," Joan Cecil Embroidery will bring your ideas to life. 


Appliqué is decorative design made by cutting pieces of material and applying them to the surface of another. Usually the design is outlined with a satin stitch or other decorative stitch.


Chain Stitch is created using a Cornely chain stitch machine that is over 100 years old. Chain stitch is used to outline designs to add sophistication or finish the edges. Sometimes, it is also used to fill the interior of larger designs.


Fill Stitch is a series of custom stitch types used to create interest, depth and dimension in design. Created per project as needed.


Gold Work is an ancient form of embroidery using gold thread.The embroidery is a form of couching; the gold threads are adhered to the surface of the fabric by a second thread, usually of fine silk. (See also Metal Work.)


Hand Stitching is done to create very intricate and delicate designs or when working with extremely delicate or temperamental fabrics.   


Multi-Media embroidery incorporates mulitple threads, textures, textiles, hardware...anything goes.  Often used to enhance a theme, incorporate nostalgic items, treasures, or just to amplify originality.


Seed Stitch is a custom stitch, developed by Joan,  created to mimic the look of seed beads. Seed stitch is used to fill in large or small areas creating texture and depth. Especially pretty with metallic threads


Trapunto, Italian for to embroider, is a decorative technique using at least two layers of fabric. The top side is embroidered, outlining the design, and the back side is carefully slit open and stuffed or padded with yarn to create a raised surface on the fabric.


Metal Work is a modern adaptation of Gold Work using all different types of metal thread. The embroidery is a  form of couching, where the threads are adhered to the surface of the fabric by a secondary thread, usually of fine silk.



Padded Satin or Satin Stitch is an embroidery stitch worked in close parallel lines to give a solid satin like finish, or worked over smaller fill stitches in order to create a raised or padded stitch, giving added dimension and depth to design.


Thread Painting is a series of long and short stitches placed in layers  to add depth in color and texture. Offers ability to do subtle color shading in the design creating realism


Woven Stitch is a custom stitch, developed by Joan,  created to look like the design is woven into the fabric on which it is sewn. Used to create texture and also in place of satin stitch when a design is too wide. Woven stitch is also used to provide an elegant alternative to appliqué.


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