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About Joan

Joan's mother's family descended from New Orleans, in a time when hand embroidery was "what ladies did for leisure." 


And, while Joan certainly enjoys what she does, it could never be considered leisure.  Joan Cecil is an elite, custom embroidery specialist.  She takes great pride in a proven reputation for excellence, not only in the execution of a project, but also for assistance during the design process,  a tremendous knowledge of fabric and thread,  and an unmatched ability to create a custom stitch to achieve an exact result.  



Embroidery has a long history, dating back more than 3000 years.   It is truly one of the first forms of art and was used for decoration as early as the invention thread and needle themselves.

In ancient cultures embroidery and needlework was an occupation only for boys. Apprentices studied under the supervision of a master for more than ten years before they were approved to practice on their own.

Since those days, embroidery has migrated, evolved and adapted to many different cultures, purposes, time periods, materials and more recently to technology. It is still done by hand throughout the world, done by machine, throughout the world, and done in any way possible by Joan Cecil. 



My expertise is all in my attitude.  I do this, because I love it.  It is my artform and my passion.  When others say it cannot be done, I say, "I welcome the challenge!"

Creating a delicate, hand embroidered style requires an exact process of laying down specific stitches, in a specific order, to achieve the rounded, intertwining and dimensional look so revered in the past.


I have researched hand embroidery for years and understand the intricacies needed to replicate a vintage design using the latest technology to create your custom design to your exact specifications.


I have successfully embroidered numerous kinds of fabrics and textiles from the sheerest toulle to heavy felt rugs, hair hide leather and mulberry bark using a mulititude of threads.  Whatever your project entails, I will make it happen. 


The Process

I use beautiful fabrics and extraordinary threads to fulfill the ideas of others.  Let's get started....

An initial consultation is the first step and can be done by phone, email or in person depending on the client’s requirements, followed by creation of artwork of the design, cost estimate for approval, a sample of the stitching in chosen thread and colors and completion of the embroidery in a timely manner.


I welcome all inquiries.


References Available.

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